How to get bigger arms: 33 Pros-Recommend workouts & tips

How to get bigger arms?, How to get biggers arms and chest?, How to get bigger arms and shoulders?”.

I am sure you would have heard these sorts of questions in your gym for a hundred of times.

The logic is very simple: When someone asks you to show your body muscles, 9 times out of 10 you would flex your biceps and triceps of your arms to showcase your muscular strength.

However, proudly flaunting the big muscular arms is not the only benefit they offer; stronger arms are the lifeline of your daily life.

Imagine yourself: It is the arms that help you lift the groceries out of the trunk, pick up a chair, and rake the leaves; without those strong and muscular strong arms you would never be comfortable in carrying out your daily chores.

With that being said, while everyone wants to have those bigger and muscular arms but few know exactly to build them; a lot of people focus only on ‘biggers arms with dumbells’ or they are busy in doing curls after curls without realizing that they efforts are doomed to fail.

So, do you want to know how you can get those bigger arms in the right way? Then don’t miss out on a wealth of information written below to get those sleeve busting arms.

Understanding your arms

I am sure you would agree with me on this: whenever we talk about developing those big strong arms, biceps and triceps come directly into play.

Why, because biceps and triceps are the most prominent part of our arms; the bigger biceps & triceps, the bigger the look of our whole arms.

However, while it is great to have those well-developed biceps & triceps, but without giving equal importance to your forearm muscles, you would never have a real feel of having bigger & muscular arms.

So, it is imperative to train your lower arm(forearm) with the same intensity & volume to finally get those muscular arms.

That’s what this whole post would be focusing on.

First, we would talk about getting those bigger biceps & triceps and then you would be able to learn, how you grow your forearms muscles.

Finally, you would be able to learn an adequate big muscle building diet because any sort of muscle building is not possible without appropriately feeding your breaking and repairing muscles while they are growing and atrophying. 

Bicep and tricep workouts for bigger arms

As said earlier, biceps & triceps are the most prominent part of your big arms. So, it makes so much sense to give prime importance to getting them bigger & muscular.

First, we would take about biceps, best workouts for big biceps followed by the exact same template for triceps.

Biceps: How to get bigger biceps?

get big biceps size fast

Since biceps are the most prominent bulging part of our arms muscles, even more than triceps, it makes much sense to give special importance to growing them bigger & muscular.

But before we proceed to build those big biceps, first we need to learn its anatomy to better plan our workouts.

Anatomy of Biceps

Biceps is a muscle right on the front of the upper arm. It includes a “short head” and “long head” working together as one muscle

The attachment of the biceps to the bones of arms is through a connective tissue called ‘tendons’.These tendons connect biceps to both shoulder in the upper area and lower arm area.

So, when it contracts through  these tendons, it pulls the forearms and rotates it outward.

In fitness, bicep is broken into further three parts:

  1. The biceps brachii. This part is visible as the main bump on the arm
  2. The brachialis. The muscle that actually sits just right below the bicep
  3. The brachioradialis. The muscle than runs through the whole forearm.

A short note:

It’s a common mistake to focus only on brachii to get their bigger biceps. However, if you want fuller, thicker-looking arms, you need to work on the biceps from all sides.

Best Bicep workouts for bigger muscles

Building bigger biceps shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s just that you’re probably doing it wrong. Also, there is more to bicep exercises than the traditional, typical dumbbell curl. 

In fact, there are loads of bicep exercises, more than enough for everybody, and I will present to you the best and most effective ones for getting those bulging biceps.

Here are the best arms workouts for men to get those bulging biceps.

1. Chin-up

How to do it?

  1. Start by grabbing the bar at a grip that is not wider than your shoulders and your palms not facing away from your face.
  2. Now try pulling yourself up so that your head is above the bar.
  3. Finally, come back to the original position slowly.

2. Regular EZ bar curl

How to do it?

  1. Start by holding the Ez bar just in front of your thighs with underhand at the width of your shoulder.
  2. Now, as you get your breath in, curl up the bar such that your hands are on your shoulders.
  3. Finally, stretch and squeeze your biceps and then lower down with complete control.
  4. As you breathe in, curl the bar until your hands are at your shoulders

3. Barbell bent-over row

How to do it?

  1. Start by hinging over from the biceps while keeping your knees slightly flexed.
  2. Now, in this position, keep a neutral and flat spine while keeping your hands as wide as your shoulder.
  3. Now, pull your elbows right behind you and try keeping in that position for a few seconds before loading it back down with complete control.
  4. Finally, make sure that the line of pull should be the belly button, not the sternum.

4. Incline dumbbell curl

How to do it?

  1. Start with sitting against your workout bench, with your back straight and your abdominal muscles fully stretched. Your dumbbell should be on either side, with each hand occupying one dumbbell.
  2. Now, in this position, lift each dumbbell towards your shoulders. Remember that, your hands should be fully stretched because you have to differentiate the biceps brachii muscles being worked as you are working your just lower arms.
  3. Finally, lower back the dumbbells down to its original position but be careful to not release your dumbbells weights too quickly otherwise this could strain your muscles. I.e this should be a slow yet controlled movement. This completes your one step.

5. Decline Dumbbell Curl

How to do it?

  1. Start by lying with your chest down against a bench that is making a curve of 45 degrees to your back.
  2. Now, bend your elbows but make sure to not mover your upper arms and keep curling up to your shoulders height.
  3. Finally, do a little pause for a few seconds and then lower back to the original position.

6. Zottman Curl

How to dot it?

  1. Start with your dumbbells are hanging by your side, then turn your arms in such a way that your palms are forward.
  2. Now, start with bending your arms and curling the dumbbells to your shoulder side while making sure your upper arms are not moving.
  3. Finally, hold on there for a few seconds, such that your palms face against your body before coming to your original position slowly and carefully. 

7. Standing Dumbbell Curl

How to do it?

  1. Start with holding a dumbbell in each of your hands and your arms are hanging by your sides.
  2. Now, in this position make sure to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible and your palms facing against your body.
  3. Finally, while keeping your arms still, curl up your weights while exhaling to your shoulder height and contacting your biceps in the process.

8. Hammer Curl

How to dot it?

  1. Start by getting a pair of dumbbells to hang at your arm’s length to your side and your palms facing your thighs.
  2. Now, while keeping your arms still, try bending your elbows and curling the elbows to your shoulders as near to your shoulders as possible.
  3. Finally, while holding on the top and air for a moment, squeeze before lowering your weight back to its original position slowly and carefully.

9. Underhand Seated Row

How to do it?

  1. Start by holding firmly the bar and bending your knees with underhand grip kept as wider as your shoulder.
  2. Now, keeping your back still and upright, lean back a little and then use your back muscles to push the bar towards your belly button.
  3. Finally, this completes our one rip and then returns to the original position.

10. Reverse Curl Straight Bar

How to do it?

  1. Start by holding on a barbell firmly at your shoulder’s width with an overhand grip.
  2. Now, by making use of arms only, flex the elbows so that they get enough power to rotate and push barbell upwards, so much so that your palms start facing out and barbells come in line with your shoulders.
  3. Finally, come back to the original position and repeat the whole movement.

11.Dumbbell bench press

How to do it?

  1. Start by lying down on the ground with your feet firmly fixated on the ground. Keep in mind that your feet should be held firmly on the ground. If you can’t do it then try placing some plates under them to give a smooth and stable position.
  2. Now, try keeping your back spine in a neutral position but slightly curved and your core should be completely involved.
  3. Now, pull your shoulder blades away from your ears but slightly together. Make sure that your shoulders, heads, hips and your head should be firmly held to the bench.
  4. Now, keeping your arms firmly against your sides is lifting the dumbbells up and during this movement, your palm of hands should be facing upward at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Finally, slightly lower the dumbbells back to your chest levels while maintaining your elbows on your sides.make sure to keep these elbows firm to get your triceps involved in the process.

12. Barbell Curl

How to do it?

  • Hold bar with a shoulder-width grip, with arms straight toward the floor and elbows locked an inch from your sides.
  • Curl weight toward the chest, while keeping the elbows and back fixed.
  • Contact the biceps as the bar reaches the front of the chest.
  • Resist weight as it slowly lowers to the floor for a full stretch.

Exercise data:

  • Main Muscle Worked: Biceps
  • Other Muscles Worked: None
  • Equipment: Barbell
  • Mechanics Type: Isolation

13. Standing Biceps Cable Curl

If you’re looking to target the deep-tissue muscle fibers, cable curls are a good bet.

Since the pattern of movement is less stable with this movement, due to the regular tension provided by the cable, you will utilize all the stabilization muscles surrounding the biceps into play as you execute the exercise.

You can use a variety of different attachments to perform the cable curls including a rope, a straight bar, or rotating cable handles that allow you to work a single arm at a time.

Best biceps workout tips for bigger biceps

Follow these tips to make the most of your every set and rep of your biceps workouts.

Tip 1: Warm-Up

At first, It sounds burdensome, but it’s super important. The logic is very easy to understand.

A warmed up muscle is more responsive to work done on it. Also, the increase in temperature due to warm-up will help reduce the risk of rips and tears and is best suited to deliver more red blood cells – and hence oxygen and nutrients – to the muscle involved in the workout.

Research evidence:

According to research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggested that high stretching after warming up a muscle group has the ability to increase its overall size by 318 percent in 28 days. Hence, warming up can give your biceps size and ultimately your ability to live more.

Tip 2: Keep changing your workout

Remember, your body is notorious for adapting to new conditions; a workout you are doing today might not give the best results tomorrow. So, keep spicing up your workouts with something new to boost your muscle-building efforts.

Tip 3: Breathing is very important

Can you imagine holding your breath while you are lifting? Never. Not taking enough breaths during heavy movements can elevate your blood pressure and can make you dizzy.

By taking rhythmic and structured breathing, you will be able to better concentrate on your workout. Moreover, the delivery of oxygenated blood will reduce the risk of passing out thus allowing your breadth to work harder and grow bigger in the long run.

But there’s more to breathing correctly than a few gasps of air. Engaging your diaphragm, a process is known as ‘bracing’ by powerlifters, is key to explosive performances.

Tip 4: Always take rest between workouts.

I am sure you are probably sick of listening to this, again and again, that takes rest between sets for 30 to 90 seconds. Well, the reality is that it is not factually correct. Why?

Because this much time is not really enough to let you recover fully from the effects of your intense workouts. In fact, you should take at least 3-4 minutes of rest to allow your muscles to return back to full strength when you again go to lift those dumbbells.

However, if you are really running short on time, there is a way out for your i.e you can train a different group of muscles. For example, you can work on your biceps when you are resting after doing a few sets of triceps.

This type of reciprocity in your muscle training will keep exhaustion at bay and you will build bigger and stronger muscles too in the process

Triceps: How to get bigger triceps?

Well, we have talked a lot about getting those bigger biceps, but now, it’s time for getting those bigger triceps.

Why triceps are the most important muscles in your arms?

I am sorry if you are doing curl after curl to sleeve-busting arms. This strategy is going to disappoint you sooner because you are focusing only on your biceps.

However, the reality is if you truly want to build super big arms, you need to focus more on your triceps than biceps. It’s because of the following reasons.

  1. Your triceps make up almost 2/3 of muscles of your upper-arms. So, developing bigger triceps muscles is your best bet because they can easily make your entire arm look worthy
  2. Triceps are the most important role player in some of the heaviest exercises like bench press, press-ups, etc. So, clearly without bigger triceps, your ability to do some of the most important workouts in fitness is diminished.

So, the best advice for you is to set aside dumbbells for a while and start prioritizing these best exercises for triceps to build stronger and explosive arms overall.

Best tricep workouts for bigger arms’ muscles

The following are some of the best triceps workouts to grow them muscular and stronger.

1. Overhead Triceps Extension

How to do it?

  1. Start by grabbing a dumbbell while getting seated on a bench.
  2. Now, firmly grip the top end of the weight such that it should give a diamond shape.
  3. Now, get the dumbbells above your head by raising it but make sure to keep your elbows and your core upright and shaky.
  4. Now, bend at the elbow of your arms such that dumbbell should be brought down on your right back and make sure to maintain your strong chest position and keeping your shoulders unmoved.

2. Skullcrushers (Extensions of lying triceps)

How to do it?

  1. Start by gripping the EZ bar with an overhand grip and just extend your arms straight up.
  2. Now by keeping your arms elbows fixated tucked in, lower the bar slowly to such an extent that it reaches a distance of one inch from your frontal head.
  3. While doing the above movement, just keep your upper arms at a 90 degree to the ground.
  4. Finally, without getting your elbows locked, slowly extend your arms back to the original position.

3. Tricep Dips (Advanced)

How to do it?

  1. Start by hanging yourself up on parallel bars such that your hanging body should be parallel to the ground. Remind yourself that you have to keep this posture throughout the whole exercise.
  2. Next, bend your knees and legs, and get your ankles cross to each other.
  3. Now, lower your body slowly such that your shoulder joints should be just underneath your elbows.

4. Rope Tricep Pushdown

How to do it?

  1. Start with a high pulley of a cable station with an attached rope.
  2. Now, with an overhand grip, try bending your arms and your hands should be as wide as a shoulder.
  3. Now, tuck your upper arms to each side.
  4. Now push the bar down with full force while keeping your arms still, so much so that your elbows get locked in.
  5. Finally, slowly and carefully, come back to the original position.

5. Close-grip Bench Press

How to do it?

  1. Start with holding firmly a barbell through an overhand grip kept at shoulder width.
  2. Now, hold this above your sternum such that your arms are completely straight and extended.
  3. Finally, get the bar straight down, rest for a few seconds, and press the bar back to its original position.

6. The Diamond Press-up

It is one of the most basic tricep exercises.

The standard press-up is great for your chest and arms, but moving your hands closer together as in this exercise puts the emphasis equally on your triceps to build them.

While it does work for your pecs with this variation, but your triceps should really feel the burn by the time you’re through.

How to do it?

  1. First, lower yourself down into a standard plank or press-up position.
  2. Now bring your hands at such close to each other at chest level such that your thumbs touching one another and your forefingers touching.
  3. In this state, your back & spine should be straight, and your core and glutes should be squeezed tightly.
  4. Finally, llower yourself down to the floor. Pause, maintaining the squeeze in your core and glutes while pushing back up to the original position by straightening your arms.

7. Cable Overhead Triceps Extension

This exercise is very much similar to the dumbbell overhead triceps extension, except it’s done with a cable machine and generally performed standing instead of seated.

Moreover, the advantage of cables is that they keep constant tension on your triceps throughout your full range of motion. In contrast, the overhead dumbbell extension is significantly easier at the top of the movement and more difficult at the bottom.

However, some people may find using cables is easier on their joints, especially when using heavier weights and not training a large number of muscles. 

A number of different attachments for the cable triceps overhead extension like a rope, a straight bar, a V-bar, and an EZ bar can be used. A rope is generally prefered because it allows you to use a longer range of motion, but all are fine options.

8. Close-Grip Pushup 

While a lot of people think of the push-up as only a chest exercise, but in reality, it’s a very effective triceps training exercise. 

The University of Wisconsin found that you can make this exercise even more effective for training the triceps by using a narrow grip. 

Specifically, they found that push-ups with the thumbs touching (known as a triangle or diamond pushup) produced a lot more activation of the triceps than the overhead triceps extension, cable pushdown, lying triceps extension and close-grip bench press.

But the best thing about close-grip pushups is they can be done at home as part of a bodyweight exercise routine without the need for any equipment.

But there is a downside: A close-grip pushup is that it’s hard to add weight once you become reasonably strong at it. This is why it’s typically used by beginners who don’t have the strength to do heavy close-grip bench press or by more advanced lifters.

So, the best thing for you is to do at least 20 close-grip pushups, because you would get more benefit by focusing on the other exercises on this list. If you still want to give it a whirl, then make sure it’s at the end of your workouts.

9. The Classic Press-up

As they say ‘Old is Gold’.

The traditional press-up works your chest, core, and your triceps. The beauty of this move is that it can be performed anywhere. You can make it harder by wearing a weighted vest to work more on your triceps muscle to grow big.

How to do it?

  1. First set up with your weight supported on your toes and hands beneath your shoulders, body straight.
  2. Finally take care to keep your core locked so a straight line forms between your head, glutes, and heels.

Best triceps exercises to do at home.

You don’t always need a sophisticated gym to get your triceps to work, rather there are some workouts that can be as effective as some of the workouts you do in the gym. Few of them at most would require to have a pair of dumbbells.

1. Dumbbell Floor Press

How to do it?

  1. Start by holding a dumbbell in each of your hands while you are lying down on the ground.
  2. Now, while holding the dumbbells just overhead, bend your arms to get them to a lower position under control.
  3. Finally, lower down your dumbbells to the ground level, and then press them back up again.

2. The Classic Press-up

How to do it?

  1. Start by with your body weight supported by your toes with your hands under your shoulders and your body kept straight.
  2. Now, in this position, make sure that your core is locked such that a straighter line forms with your head, glutes, and heels completely in line.
  3.  Finally, get your body lowered down such that your chest is just a few inches from the ground and then drive this up powerfully by the full extension of your arms.

3. One-arm Kettlebell floor press

How to do it?

  1. Start by lying down on the floor and holding a kettlebell in one hand, such that your upper arms are being pushed and supported by the ground.
  2. Finally, with the extension of your arms, press up the kettlebell straight up towards the ceiling. This completes one rep.
  3. Now, as the last step, lower the kettlebell with full control and repeat again and again.

4. Bench Dip (Basic)

How to do it?

  1. Start by facing your body away while standing from your bench, and grab it with both hands at the width of your shoulder.
  2. Now, in this position, extend your legs in front of your body.
  3. Now, by flexing at the elbow side, slowly and carefully lower your body such that your arms and forearms are perpendiculars.
  4. Finally, lift your body up using your triceps to the original position.

5. The Diamond Press-up

How to do it?

  1. Start by getting yourself in a lower position into a standard plank or in a press-ups position.
  2. Now try bringing your hands just close to each other at the level of your chest, such that your thumbs are touching one another and your forefingers touching each other.
  3. Also, make sure that your spine should be upright, and your glutes and core are stretched and squeezed tightly.
  4. Now, lower yourself to the ground.
  5. Finally, get a few second pauses but maintain your squeeze of core and glutes. While you are maintaining this position, push back to the original position by full extension of arms and their straightening up.

Forearms: How to get bigger forearms?


As explained to you earlier, if you really want that bigger and bulky bar, you have to train and work on your forearms muscles with equal intensity and volume.

Best forearms workouts for bulky arms

The following are some of the best forearm workouts to get those big muscular arms to look overall.

1. Narrow push-ups

How to do it?

  1. Begin with getting your body in a plank-like situation with your hands held just under your shoulders and your fingers pointing forward.
  2. Now, get your elbows to lower down no you’re either side and pointing towards your both feet.
  3. Now as you lower your chest to the ground level, maintain your shoulders, hips, and knees in an exact straight line.
  4. Now, push yourself back towards the starting position without making a bent in your lower back and making sure to lift both your shoulders and hips at the same time.
  5. Finally, this movement of exercise can be done through your knees either on a step or bench while keeping your hands under.
  6. Push yourself back up to the start without arching into your lower back. Your shoulders and hips should lift at the same time.
  7. This can also be done on your knees or a step bench under your hands

2. Battle ropes

How to do it?

  1. Start with your both feet kept as wider as your body, your knees bent a little and your back maintained in a straight upright way.
  2. Now, grab the robes by your both hands and try producing a wave as you would play when you were kids in school.
  3. Now, either create small waves by increasing the speed of your hands for getting a little bit wider to create big waves.
  4. Try to keep the ropes in the movement for at least 40 seconds, 4 times, as rest within your sets.
  5. Finally, try playing around with both shortwaves and long waves at the same time and tossing up and down and also trying slamming the ropes into the ground.

3. Biceps curl with band

How to do it?

  1. Start by stepping on the band such that it rests right underneath the curve of your foot.
  2. Hold on the ends of the band such that your palms are facing forward and your arms are lurking on your sides.
  3. Finally, try slowly bend your arms to get your hands up to your shoulders with your elbows being tight against your ribs.

4. Zottman Curl

How to dot it?

  1. Start with your dumbbells are hanging by your side, then turn your arms in such a way that your palms are forward.
  2. Now, start with bending your arms and curling the dumbbells to your shoulder side while making sure your upper arms are not moving.
  3. Finally, hold on there for a few seconds, such that your palms face against your body before coming to your original position slowly and carefully. 

5. Arms slide

How to do it?

  1. Start by bending your both hands on both of your sliders. You can take a mat or anything soft to make it comfier.
  2. Now, try engaging your core in it by pulling your belly button to the side of your back spine and contracting and squeezing your abs.
  3. Now while remaining intact in this position, slowly slide your arms in front of you so as to get your chest as close to the floor as possible.
  4. Now, pull your arms towards back towards your legs knees, and then go back to the original position without getting a bend in your elbows.
  5. Finally, make sure the whole movement, your core should be completely involved and your back should be held straight and upright.

6. pull-up

How to do it?

  1. Hold firmly a pull up bar with an overhand grip such that your hand’s palm is not facing your body and your hands should be kept wider than your shoulder.
  2. Powerfully contract your upper back to pull your chest towards the iron bar.
  3. Finally, lower this while keeping your body in control.

7. Farmer’s walk

How to do it?

  • Start with your feet kept as wide as your body’s width, with your palms facing towards your body and grabbing a dumbbell in your hands on both sides.
  • Now by keeping your core engaged and braced up and your back as straight as possible, try walking straight to you such that you feel your shoulders are completely engaged for every step you take.
  • This completes one rep of the movement.
  • Have some rest and begin to repeat again.

8. Finger curls

How to do it?

  1. Start by grabbing a barbell with your both hands which are as wide as your body and your palms are facing up.
  2. Now,  put your both feet flatly on the ground at a space as wide as your shoulder. 
  3. Now by making use of the extension of your fingers, get the ball to roll down your hands and holding on the bar at the end joint of your fingers.
  4. Finally, try curling the bar to maximum height as possible by making use of closed hands and breathing out. 
  5. Hold one here for a few seconds at this height. Then lower back with full control.

Getting Bigger arms without weights

You have a zillion things to do daily like giving time to family, friends, your career, your travel and reading your favorite book. With all that, it could be tough taking even a few minutes for the gym.

But all that should not be at the cost of your fitness. You don’t always need a sophisticated gym to work your muscles of arms, legs or abs.

How to get bigger arms at home?

There are a lot of “arm exercises without weights that can be performed at home with daily life objects and equipment that can fit your tight schedule and need not even a little equipment from the gym. 

All they require you are your body, a little space, and your willingness to do.

Best arm workouts without weights

The following are the best arms workouts you can do from your room to never miss out on your big arms building routine.

1. Push-ups


How to do it?

  1. Start with a high plank such that your palms are flat, hands kept wider as shoulder, stacked up shoulders just above your wrists, with legs just stretched behind you, and your glutes and core involved physically
  2. Now, in this position, bend your elbows and get them to lower your chest to the ground. You can even drop to your knees if you feel are unable to do with full force.
  3. Finally, using the palms of your hands, push your body up by fully straightening of your arms. This completes one rep

Muscles targeted:

  •  core, 
  • pectorals, 
  • deltoids, 
  • Triceps.

2. Incline Push-ups

How to do it?

  1. Start by getting yourself into a high plank position such that your hands are on a box, step or any available bench, with your palms just flat, hands as wider as shoulders and shoulders just stacked directly right up above your wrists.
  2. Now, while you are in this position, extend your legs right behind you, with your both feet kept apart by hip-width. Engage your glutes and core now.
  3. Now, get your body to lower down by bending your elbows to the chest levels.
  4. Finally, using the palms of your hands, push to straighten your arms. This completes one rep.

Muscles targeted:

  • Core, 
  • Deltoids
  • Pectorals
  • Triceps

3. Decline Push-ups

How to do it?

  1. Starby by placing your toes either on a bench, box or a step.
  2. Now, get yourself in a high plank position such that your hand’s palms are flat, hands as wider as shoulder, shoulder stacked just above your wrists, and your core and glutes muscles full involved in the work.
  3. Now, bend your elbows, and get your chest to lower down to the ground level.
  4. Finally, using the palms of your hands, push up your body and straighten your arms. This completes one rep.

Muscles targeted

  • Pectorals
  • Core,
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps

4. Plank

How to do it?

  1. Start with your palms lying flat on the floor, your hands as wider as shoulder and your shoulder just stacked directly right above your wrists.
  2. Nows, keeping your feet at hips width, fully extend your legs which are just behind you.
  3. Now, tuck your tailbone, while engaging your core, quads muscles and but involved in the process.
  4. Finally, hold one here for a given time and go back to the original position.

Muscles targeted

  • Deltoids
  • Latissiumus
  • dorsi, 
  • Glutes
  • core

5. Plank Up-Down

How to do it?

  1. Starting in a high plank with your palms lying flat on the floor, your hands as wider as shoulder and your shoulder just stacked directly right above your wrists and your core and glutes muscles fully engaged in the process and your feet kept at your hips’ width.
  2. Now, lower your left arm such that your forearm is touching the ground.
  3. Do the same with your right such that your full engaged in a forearm plank position.
  4. Now, reverse yourself to get back to high plank again but make sure that your hips are not moving at all. This completes one rep.
  5. If you feel difficulty doing this, you can try further widening your legs

 Muscles targeted

  • Deltoids
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Triceps
  • Glutes
  • core

6.Tricep dips

How to do it?

  1. Start by placing your hands as wider as your shoulder apart on the object which can be the furniture you are setting yourself up upon.
  2. Now shift your pelvis and back in such  a way that there is at least a gap of 4-6 inches between you and the object you are setting yourself up
  3. Now, bend your legs perpendicular to your feet fixated firmly on the floor, or if you like to stretch them out right in front of you but make sure that you don’t lock your knees.
  4. Finally, lower your body and then back up again with a focus to engage your triceps.
  5. Complete about 4 sets of 10 reps each.


How to do it?

  • Start by standing upright in a way that your feet are as wide as your whole body and arms are lurking at sides of your body.
  • Now start by bending by your waistline and place your hands on the ground.
  • Now, get your hands to move forward such that it comes in a high plank such that, your hands are kept flat, your wrists just stacked beneath your shoulder, and your glutes, quads muscles and your core muscles are fully involved in the movement.
  • Take a few seconds of rest in this state.
  • Finally, get your hands back on your feet and get yourself to stand up and return to the original position. This completes 1 rep

Muscles targeted:

  • Deltoids
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Glutes
  • core

8. Burpee With Push-ups

How to do it?

  • Start by getting your feet as wider as your shoulder and your arms just lowering on by your sides.
  • Now squat down and try reaching forward to get your hands on the floor kept as wide as your shoulder.
  • Now, kick out your legs just behind yourself into a high plank position while making sure that your hands are just stacked under your shoulders.
  • Bend your arms with elbows to get your chest as close to the floor as possible, then again extend them to make them push up.
  • Finally, jump your both feet front towards your hands such that you feel if you are in squat. Jump right up in the air trying to reach your arms overhead. That completes one complete rep.

Muscles targeted

  • deltoids, 
  • triceps, 
  • pecs, 
  • core, 
  • Legs,
  • Butt

9.Mountain Climber With Twist

How to do it?

  1. Start by getting your body in a high plank position, such that your core, wrists make a straight and upright line from your feet to lower legs.
  2. Now, pull your right knee towards your left elbow before returning to a starting position.
  3. Similarly, pull your left knee towards your left elbow, before returning to the original position. This completes 1 rep. Please make sure to alternate your legs.

10.Diamond Push-ups

How to do it?

  1. Begin with getting your body set up in a high plank position in a way that your hand’s palms are flat, your hands as wider as your shoulders which are just stacked directly above your hand wrists, your legs extended while making sure your core and glutes are completely involved.
  2. Get your hands together with such that your hand thumbs and forefingers make a triangle.
  3. Now get your chest to the ground level by bending your shoulders.
  4. Now, extend your arms and push your body up with full force. This will complete one step.

Muscles targeted

  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • pecs

How to get bigger arms in a month?


Building big arms is a big task and building them in a month or 2 weeks is even tougher. However, getting that is not impossible but would take the toughest of the routines.

Some people even question whether they can get big arms in 2 weeks, which is even crazier. In two months, you can begin building up those big muscles but those would not be that big, rather they would be just beginning to get bigger and bulkier

However, this does not mean it is not possible for even a month which is a fairly doable job given that you stick to training and workouts.

Best arm workouts routine to get bigger arms in a month

Below here, I am going to give a sample routine to get those bigger arms in a month but for that, you have to train almost 4-5 days of the week and alternate those 2 workouts sequence one after another which would help you hit your arms twice a week.

Arms workouts program/routine 1:

1. Bench dips:

  • 2 sets
  • 10-12 reps

2. Lying triceps press:

  • 3 sets
  • 6-8 reps

3. Standing one-arm dumbbell triceps extension

  • 2 sets
  • 12 reps

4. Lying cable curl

  • 2 sets
  • 20 reps

5. Cable wrist curl

  • 4 sets
  • 40 reps

Arms workout program/routine 2:

1. Close-grip barbell bench press

  • 2 sets
  • 10-12 reps

2. Decline EZ bar Triceps extension

  • 2 sets
  • 10-12 reps

3. Reverse Grip Triceps pushdown

  • 2 sets
  • 20 reps

4. Crossbody hammer curls

  • 2 sets
  • 15 reps

Workouts tips to get bigger arms

Follow these important workout tips to improve your workout performance and pace your big arms getting efforts.

1. Learn to do a proper form for every exercise

Learning to do a proper exercise or workout is the first principle of building bigger muscles that you should live by.

For example, Holding on a dumbbell and proper form of bench press grip are important for you to perform your workouts to their most optimal for growing them big.

You should properly learn your hand’s position, your feet position, your head position and your grip position to avoid injuring yourself because most often than not, you are dealing with heavyweights which once lifted or moved here and there wrongly can potentially injure you.

So always work your weights or gym objects in controlled and slower ways possible and avoid going with longer reps and sets to keep your body safe and sound.

2. Limit your number of curls

If you are solely depending on those curls over curls to give you those bigger and stronger arms, then you are mistaken.

Muscles always grow when they are pushed to your extremes, and curls over curls don’t do that but heavy jobs like squatting and deadlifting surely will. 

So, if you don’t want to disappoint yourself at the end of the month for bigger arms, you have to limit your dumbbell curls and increase your squatting and deadlifting to push your muscles towards their extremes.

3. Build bigger arms but don’t forget other body parts

Working on your biceps and triceps would definitely give your bigger arms but if you are not training your shoulders, chest, and back, your arms power would be curtailed. Why?

Because heavy work does not always involve your arms, biceps, and triceps but muscles of your shoulders, back and chest too. So if you want to be strong and badass enough for other people, you have to work on these important muscles too.

Also, this partial building up of your muscles would give you an unbalanced and injury-prone muscular body. 

For instance, if you are not working on your legs and core, although you would be having big arms but your less muscular and toned body will make you a laughing stock in front of you.

A quick solution to this problem
Engage in some compound exercises like push-ups and chin-ups which work on your core while building your big arms too.

You can do these compounds exercises on the day when you are not working out your arms. This will help both in building and recovery of your growing muscles.

4. Take almost one day of rest between your training days

A lot of people have this misconception that the more often they train their muscles, the bigger they will grow. It is not entirely true because muscles actually grow when they are given rest. 

During rest, proteins of our muscles break and repair our muscles and every time they are repaired, they get bigger in their size.

So, don’t go for training your bigger biceps and triceps for continuous 2 days rather take the rest of almost 1 day between each of your training days and don’t train more than 4 times a week.

5. Only 30-40 minutes of training is enough

Just as rest between your working days is important, keeping your training day sessions as precise and targeted as possible is good for your muscles as well. Why? 

The reason is similar to the one given above. When you train for too long or more than required, you run the risk of injuring your joints, ligaments, and your knees. These injuries could prove to be a major roadblock for your muscle-building training routine.

So sacrifice a little for something bigger.

6. Live by the “train to failure” principle for building muscle

Bigger muscles are only built when you keep raising your standards of strength over time. Also, training to your failure is the principle is the real muscle builder in fitness parlance.

This is when a next rep or set is impossible for you, and you can’t lift any more weight

 When you are your extreme strength, this is where your muscles are properly stretched and broken to give you autotrophy. As you begin your training, work with lighter weights but as time passes by and your muscles grow, you gain strength to lift more and more.  

Strength is size. For instance,  you Increase your bench presses to 220lbs/100 kg. Similarly, enhance your deadlifts to 400lbs/180kg. Increase your squats to 140kg/300lb.

However, don’t do the opposite, i.e starting with heaviest weights which you can’t lift because you run the risk of injuring yourself.

7. Always keep checking your progress. 

This is very important to tell you where are you heading in your muscle-building progress because you don’t know, you could be potentially wasting a lot of your time, energy and even money.

So always keep an eye on your arms and do measure them almost every 2-3 weeks. This will tell you where are you wrong, in your dieting or your working out routine.

Dieting for bigger arms


Doing hell amount of heavy muscle building workouts is always half the battle for getting those prized and proud big arms muscles. Having a well balanced, protein-rich diet is the other half of the battle.

Not only protein but other foods like complex carbohydrates and healthy fats are important too. So, follow these dieting tips as you are building those bigger arms muscles

1. Eat more than you burn.

When you are building bigger muscles, eating more than you are burning is required. Fitness experts recommend about 3000-3500 calories per day and this calorie range is about 400-500 more calories than a normal person.

However, keep in mind that eating more does not mean you should start intaking more bad calories, instead increase your daily calorie intake by increasing your protein calories which is healthy and a prerequisite for muscle building.

To increase your daily calories, you can increase the number of your daily meals which are typically called our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead, you can add a pre or post workout meal to suffice your total calorie intake.

2. Big protein for big arms

Protein is vital for your muscles. When you are aiming to build bigger muscles, you essentially are breaking and repairing your muscles to get them bigger. When they are being repaired during your rest days, do you know what is repairing them?

Proteins. Proteins. Proteins.

Essentially, during those repairing of your muscles, your protein in the body is being utilized for making and breaking those muscles. So protein is an unmissable nutrient in your muscle-building job.

To give your body the appropriate amount of protein, According to the Academy of nutrition and dietetics, consume at least 1.6-1.8 grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight to adequately fulfill your protein requirements.

This translates into an average of 25-30 grams of protein in your every meal And your total daily calorie percentage from protein should be about 30-40% during the muscle-building phase.

Foods to give your big muscles

Some of the best protein foods to aid your muscle growth are

  • Eggs
  • Skinless chicken
  • Cottage cheese
  • Tuna fish
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Turkey
  • Whey protein

3. Take carbs but only Complex carbs

To build muscle you need calories, but a lot of calories come from carbohydrates only which can be good or bad.

To avoid storing useless and empty calories of simple carbs like common sugar and soft drinks, you need to replace them with complex and healthy carbs.

Healthy carbs do not constitute low-quality sugars and are important to fulfill your calories need too instead consume only quality and complex carbs like whole grains, rice, and oats to fulfill your calorie need.

You are recommended that about 40-50% of your calories should come from only healthy and complex carbs only.

4. Eat only healthy fats

Don’t discard your fats because they would make you fat but not taking a minimum of them would cause many complications for your overall health as well.

Your fats intake is essential because they are involved in crucial metabolic hormonal functions which are critical for your overall fitness and health.  Also, sometimes they can be used as a protein replacement because a gram of fat has more calories than both carbs and proteins combined.

Examples of some of the healthy fats are peanut butter, fish, vegetable oils, animal fats, and butter. The academy of nutrition of dietetics recommends at least 20-25% of your daily calories from fat while keeping your fats sources limited to healthy only as above.

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Q: What is the best exercise for big arms?

Ans: Some of the best arm exercise for big arms which would give you sleeve busting arms are

  • Incline biceps curl
  • Diamond press-up
  • Concentration curl
  • Straight barbell palms-up wrist curl
  • Twisting dumbbell curl
  • One arm tricep extension(seated)
  • Underhand seated row
  • Decline close grip EZ bar skull crusher
  • Tate press
  • Standing overhead barbell triceps extension
  • Spider curl
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Incline dumbbell curl
  • Barbell curl

Q: What is the best exercise to build up your biceps?

Ans: Some of the best exercises to build bigger biceps and triceps are these:

  • Incline dumbbell hammer curl
  • EZ bar curl
  • Zottman curl
  • Dumbbell biceps curl
  • Regular grip barbell curl
  • Barbell bent-over row
  • Chin-up
  • Drag curl
  • Band curl
  • Reverse curl
  • Behind the back cable curl

Q: How can I make my biceps bigger at home?

Ans: you can grow your biceps at home. There are many at-home arm workouts that can work on your biceps to give you those bigger biceps.

These home biceps workouts are

  • Push-ups
  • Incline push-ups
  • Decline push-ups
  • Plank
  • Plank up down
  • Inchworm
  • Diamond push up
  • Burpees with push-ups
  • Plank jack
  • Lateral plank walk

Q: How do you get big arms in 2 weeks?

Ans: While getting those big arms in 2 weeks is very much difficult, but that does not mean you can’t get those bulk in your arms muscles. 

The following are the tips that can help you in getting a sort of big arms definition by the end of your 14 days.

  1. Eat more than you are burning
  2. Eat a lot of proteins
  3. Discard all sorts of bad carbs & sugars in your diet.
  4. Train with heavyweights
  5. Keep increasing your weights
  6. Take rest between your sets

Do some exclusive biceps & triceps(arms) building workouts like

  1. Incline biceps curl
  2. Diamond press-up
  3. Concentration curl
  4. Straight barbell palms-up wrist curl
  5. Twisting dumbbell curl
  6. One arm tricep extension(seated)
  7. Underhand seated row
  8. Decline close grip EZ bar skull crusher
  9. Tate press
  10. Standing overhead barbell triceps extension
  11. Spider curl
  12. Triceps pushdown
  13. Incline dumbbell curl
  14. Barbell curl

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